Capacity Building​

Re-Imagining Collaboration

We empower individuals and organizations by leveraging resources and partnerships to sustainably and measurably help nonprofits build their capacity to affect more change.

Empowering Individuals

Our goal as a capacity building Foundation, is to not just provide financial support. We are committed to empowering nonprofits. Through strategic workshops, we hope to provide organizations with the tools they need to work at their highest capacity in the most sustainable way.

Organizations across our region have humbly served the needs of our community for generations. To ensure that these services remain a lasting resource, AMY Wellness Foundation has put an importance on capacity building for grant seekers. As we work to improve the lives of others it is easy to get caught up in competing for funds in order to keep these services around. Our Foundation recognizes this competitive environment and is committed to helping all organizations meet their funding goals by applying to sources throughout our region. Through our capacity building trainings we strive to lift these organizations up and build their confidence when targeting funders.

Upcoming Capacity Building Events​

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Community Partner:​

WNC Nonprofit Pathways a proud partner of AMY Wellness Foundation.