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2024 Impact Grant Opportunities

AMY Wellness Foundation’s Impact Grants cycle is now closed. Organizations who applied will be notified within 45 days. 

If you are looking for additional local funding opportunities, please check out our resource document of other opportunities available now that might be a good fit for your organization.

Funding Opportunities Resources

How to Apply?

Impact Grant opportunities is now closed for 2024.

Our Associate Director, Caitlin Trew-Johnson is available to answer questions. If you would like to set up a phone appointment please email:
[email protected]


Government agencies, local education agencies, or nonprofits with 509(a) or 501(c)3 IRS status are eligible to receive funds.

The following areas fall outside the AMY Wellness Foundation scope of support:  

  • Grants to Individuals
  • Political purposes, including lobbying
  • Out-of-area projects or organizations that do not have a physical presence in one of our three counties
  • Grants prohibited by IRS regulations 

Our primary service areas are:

Mitchell, and
Yancey Counties.

We aim to support programs and organizations working in these counties. We encourage anyone outside of these areas to investigate collaborative asks with organizations who have a physical presence in our service area and the capacity to serve as the fiscal agent for the project.

What to Expect?

Health Priorities

Quick Turnaround Time

AMY Wellness Foundation remains focused on supporting key health priorities identified by the community. Applications may be submitted for programs and initiatives supporting Mental Health, Food Security, and Housing for up to $10,000

Initiatives outside of those primary focus areas that are health related are eligible for up to $5,000. These focus areas aim to continue to make meaningful impact on the community needs supported by the selected organizations.

Time is of the essence for many organizations, and the Impact Grants program reflects this urgency. Applicants can expect a swift turnaround time for funding decisions, providing the support they need.

Decisions will be made 30-45 days after the cycle closes.

Requirements for Grantees

Low-Stress Application Process

All grant recipients are required to submit a final report that includes an annual report and financial statements. Audits are no longer required by the Foundation.

The Foundation understands the importance of minimizing the administrative burden on non-profit organizations. The application process has been re-designed to be low-stress, allowing applicants to focus on their mission rather than navigating complex paperwork.

Cap Amount per Application

Grant applications related to Food, Mental Health, and Housing are capped at $10,000. Grant applications outside of those funding priorities are eligible to receive up to $5,000.   

Grantees may only receive funding once a year.

If a grant is awarded, a grantee can not seek any rollover requests.

Other Funding Resources

Looking for additional local funding opportunities? Check out a few opportunities available now that might be a good fit for your organization.

Funding Opportunities Resources