Funding Opportunities

Innovation, Collaboration, and Upstream Solutions

It is our goal to make the grant process as easy as possible for those who apply. We have created a new framework that allows organizations to apply for grants when they need them rather than waiting for our cycle to be open.


This year AMY Wellness Foundation has partnered with 16 amazing organizations serving our communities, through which, we have granted over $2.5 million dollars exceeding our capacity for charitable giving for 2021. This means, our grant opportunities will be closed for the remainder of the year. Please be assured that our year-round funding will resume in January 2022. We are so grateful to the communities we serve and our grant partners for all their amazing work. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Caitlin Johnson.

Apply for funds when you need them

Grant Categories

AMY Wellness Foundation is transforming its funding framework to be more aligned with organization’s priorities to provide funds when grantees need it most. Traditionally funding opportunities have been in cycles and based on criteria determined through a variety of ways by the Foundation. After spending the last two months hearing from community members across Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey counties, at Regional Convening Meetings, AMY noticed reoccurring themes. The report from these meetings has been published HERE and ultimately helped shape the way AMY will provide support moving forward. Please consider reviewing the Regional Convening Report findings to better understand the needs of our community.

How to Apply?

AMY Wellness Foundation grant opportunities will be open year-round. Applicants may create an account by clicking here. You will fill out a survey that will direct you to the correct application based on which funding opportunity you are applying to. Our Associate Director, Caitlin Trew-Johnson is available to answer questions. If you would like to set up a phone appointment please email:
[email protected]


Government agencies, local education agencies, or nonprofits with 509(a) or 501(c)3 IRS status are eligible to receive funds.

The following areas fall outside the AMY Wellness Foundation scope of support:  

  • Grants to Individuals
  • Political purposes, including lobbying
  • Out-of-area projects or organizations
  • Grants prohibited by IRS regulations 

Our primary focus areas are:

Mitchell, and
Yancey Counties.

We aim to support programs and organizations working in these counties. We encourage anyone outside of these areas to investigate collaborative asks with organizations who have a physical presence in our focus area and the capacity to serve as the fiscal agent for the project.

What to Expect?

Decisions Made

Competitive Applications

AMY Wellness Foundation Board of Directors will review applications from the previous month at the start of each month. Applicants will be notified of the Board decision 30-45 days later depending on the volume of applications received that month. 

For example, all applications submitted in May will be reviewed starting
June 1. Applicants will be notified 30-45 days later.

We have identified food, housing, and mental health as our region’s top priorities and will put these needs at the forefront of our efforts. However, we understand that there are endless needs to create lasting impact and change. Do not feel circumscribed by these three priorities.

AMYWF believes that sustainable impactful change is possible through collaboration, innovation, and upstream solutions. Applicants that highlight any of these three values will have a competitive submission.

Audit Requirements for Grantees

Collaborative Ask vs. Organizational needs

All grant recipients are required to submit an audit with their final report. This will not be an entire audit of the organization, although we do recommend that as best practice. Grantees must have an audit of funds given by AMYWF for the term of each grant given. Please budget accordingly.

Applicants may be granted funds for their organizational needs and also be granted funds as a fiscal agent in a collaborative ask. An applicant is eligible to receive funding for both applications semi-annually.

Cap Amount per Application

Each application is capped at $75,000 in the following grant categories:

  • Capacity Building
  • Family Resilience
  • Collaboration and Planning
For COVID-19 Rapid Response grants each application is capped
at $30,000. This grant category will stay open as long as the need remains. As needs change, this funding will become an immediate needs category.

Annual Designations per Grant Category

The Board has set annual designation amounts per grant category. These designations will be reviewed at the fourth quarter of every year and the Board has flexibility to address each designation if there has been a high volume of accepted applications throughout the year. Annual designations for 2021 are:

  • Capacity Building: $500,000
  • Family Resilience: $500,000
  • Collaboration and Planning: $300,000
  • COVID-19 Rapid Response: $150,000

Rolling Application