Increase Your Impact

As we grow to better serve our greater community, resource development partnerships are key to our success. There are many ways to give back through AMY Wellness Foundation:

Redirect Your Check

AMY Wellness Foundation recognizes the increased needs our community members are facing as a result of the pandemic. In addition to our grant opportunities, we invite community members to donate their stimulus check or tax refund check to an area in need of their choosing. AMY Wellness Foundation will match a percent of your gift to your area of choice.

Many people are in need financially amid the pandemic, and the $600 stimulus check is a huge help. For others, the stimulus check is a bonus they may not need. Some people are choosing to donate their stimulus check to support those in need in their community. AMY Wellness Foundation would like to help individuals in need by matching any stimulus check donated to AMY Wellness Foundation. We are also offering the same match for tax refund checks as well.

Donate $600 = AMY will add $100 to the area of your choosing

Donate $1,200 = AMY will add $200 to the area of your choosing

Donate $2,400 = AMY will add $400 to the area of your choosing

*To receive the match from AMYWF, please mark your designation for Mental Health, Housing, or Food Insecurity and add a comment “Redirect your check”.*

“My family received a COVID-19 Stimulus Check in January. On a fixed income, we are doing ok financially and were not expecting this check. I, personally, felt like there are so many people going through hardships right now that this money should go to the people who really need it. We are familiar with AMY Wellness Foundation and the work they are doing locally and we knew if we donated our stimulus check to AMY they would be able to help individuals in our community. Learning that our money will be matched by $100 from AMY Wellness makes it even better.”
The Schultz Family


Organizations that will benefit from donations to Mental Health

• Yancey County Schools • Partners Aligned Toward Health • The Jason Project


Organizations who will benefit from Food Insecurity donations

• Dig In! Yancey Community Garden • Feed-A-Child • TRACTOR Food and Farms • Feeding Avery Families • Reaching Avery Ministries • Mitchell Community Health Partnership • Reconciliation House • Neighbors Feeding Neighbors


Organizations who will benefit from housing donations

• W.A.M.Y. Community Action • Avery Habitat for Humanity • Mitchell County SafePlace

Other Ways to Give

Matching Gift

A matching gift is a great way to give to a health area of interest by which AMY will “match” a percent of the dollar amount of the donation provided by gifting of its own funds to the same cause.

Case Based Match​

Case based matching gifts are specified for a certain area AMYWF is seeking support for. For example, if you give a gift to a specific health area (e.g. transportation), AMYWF will then also give a percent to the same health area during the upcoming grant cycle.

Specific Case Based Match

You may designate your gift more specifically to a funding area of interest. You may be even more specific than a general health area. For example, make a matching gift to fight childhood hunger in a specific county or a specific town, or make a matching gift for transportation in a specific county or a specific town.

Health Areas of Interest

Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity

  • Increasing access to healthy food for food-insecure individuals
  • Providing nutrition education
  • Demonstrably increasing the stock of healthy food in the community

Mental Health

Mental Health

  • Address and prevent Domestic Violence, Elder abuse, Child abuse or neglect and bullying
  • Counseling, Support Groups, and Family Education, services that address systemic mental health issues in our community
  • Community programs that address substance abuse



  • Affordable and Adequate Housing, Housing Assistance, Safe Housing, Aging in Place Services



  • Impacts all areas of social determinates of health



• Increasing preschool enrollment including nonprofit projects supporting preschool costs for families in need
• Increasing the availability of “school out” programs, such as programs providing care for school-age children during snow days, after school, and/or summers
• Community outreach providing parents with parenting classes, nutrition classes, and classes focusing on the importance of education
• Mentorship for youth
• Providing pro-social teen activities

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

  • Organizations in our region are doing amazing work let’s help them building their capacity to help more individuals