AMY Wellness Foundation 2023 Annual Report

Cultivating a Prosperous Future through Sustainable Growth

Dear Friends,
As we reflect on the remarkable journey of the AMY Wellness Foundation over the past four years, it’s evident our growth has been intricately woven into the fabric of community collaboration and shared aspirations. The wisdom we have gained from those with lived experiences, the dedication of our non-profit grant partners, and the leadership within our communities have shaped the path of our Foundation.

This year, our narrative is one of growth—growth not just in numbers and statistics, but in the profound impact we’ve cultivated as a Foundation and alongside our partners. AMYWF has embarked on several significant projects
as a Foundation and in collaboration with our esteemed grant partners made several major
investments—a journey I am thrilled to share with you in this report. Noteworthy among these
accomplishments is completion of the Foundation’s workforce housing apartments and retail space,
the Ellis Lofts, situated in downtown Spruce Pine. Additionally, in partnership with our dedicated
grant collaborators, we celebrate the groundbreaking of the Mitchell County YMCA, the collaborative health and wellness hub in Bakersville through the Buladean Community Foundation, to Food Security programs across the three counties and so much
more. Our initiatives this year have been strategically aligned to foster economic stability and
growth within our communities. With your continued support, we look forward to sustaining and
expanding these impactful endeavors.

Lastly, as we embrace the spirit of growth and evolution at the AMY Wellness Foundation, I am
honored to share a transformative moment in our leadership journey. After steering our course with
remarkable dedication, I am transitioning from the role of Chair of Board of Directors but will
continue to support the Foundation as a dedicated member of Board of Directors.
With excitement, I introduce Starli McDowell, who will be acting as our Chair of Board of Directors
as we venture into the promising horizon of 2024. Starli brings not only a wealth of experience but
also a visionary approach to cultivating growth. As we bid farewell to one phase of leadership,
we eagerly anticipate the blossoming of new opportunities under Starli’s guidance. Together, we
will continue to embark on a journey of transformation, innovation, and collaboration.

Warm regards,
John Blackburn
Chair of Board of Directors AMY Wellness Foundation

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