Awardees from our 2019 Grant Cycle are making an impact!

AMY Wellness Foundation is thrilled to partner with 17 organizations working to support the health and wellness of Avery, Mitchell and Yancey counties.

During our first grant cycle, the Board of Directors were looking for: Transformational Ideas, Collaboration, Innovation and Up-Stream Solutions to address our Social Determinants of Health focus areas. Each one of these organizations hit those marks in one way or another.

Through our first Grant Cycle we were able to support:

4 Nonprofits working in Food Insecurity to increase access to healthy food, provide nutrition education and increase stock of healthy food in our three counties

  • Tractor Food and Farms
  • Dig In! Yancey County Community Garden
  • Feed-A-Child
  • Reconciliation House

4 Nonprofits in Education with goals of increasing pre-school enrollment, availability of after and out of school care, outreach to parents and caregivers to provide parenting and nutrition classes, mentorship, entrepreneurship, and pro-social teen activities to name a few.

  • The Jason Project
  • Williams YMCA of Avery County
  • Blue Ridge Partnership for Children
  • Partners Aligned Towards Health

2 Nonprofits in Poverty and Economic Stability with the intent to alleviate poverty through community empowerment, entrepreneurship, business investment and advocacy

  • Pisgah Legal Services
  • Mayland Community College

1 Nonprofits in Access to Care which will help support children who are under-insured or uninsured with school-based health initiative of vision screening and equipment

  • Intermountain Children’s Services

1 Nonprofit working to support Interpersonal Violence, Toxic Stress and Social Cohesion that address domestic violence, interpersonal violence, child abuse or neglect and preventative education around domestic violence to break cycles

  • Mitchell County SafePlace

4 Organizations addressing Transportation across Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties which impacts all areas of Social Determinates of Health.

  • Avery County Transportation Authority
  • Mitchell County Transportation Authority
  • Yancey County Transportation Authority
  • MY Neighbors

1 Nonprofit working in Housing will establish a housing and development coalition to study and address the unique challenges of creating and maintaining safe, quality affordable housing in Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey Counties.

  • W.A.M.Y Community Action

For more details on each program visit our Philanthropy at Work page!

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