AMY Wellness Foundation is seeking input from community around Food Insecurity, Housing, and Mental Health

AMY Wellness Foundation is seeking input from advocates, leaders, and those with lived experience to attend strategic Regional Convening Meetings around Food Insecurity, Mental Health, and Housing. AMY understands the importance of collaboration, especially in these three health areas.

“As community health advocates, we want to ensure we hear from our community on these issues, as they are the experts. Together, we will develop a better understanding of what is happening in our area, where the gaps are and how we can collectively make the most impact,” said Nora Frank, Associate Director of AMY Wellness Foundation and point of contact for Regional Convening Meetings.

Through our community outreach efforts in 2019, AMY learned there is a plethora of impactful work being done throughout our region to improve the health of our communities. “We were blown away by stories from community members and nonprofit leaders who are dedicated and passionate about effecting change. After listening to their stories, we noticed a pattern and three issues continued to be named as top priorities; food insecurity, mental health, and affordable adequate housing. It was no surprise that community health assessments of this region throughout the years also identified these three issues as top priorities.” Said Frank.

Frank continued, “The meetings will have facilitated discussions, led by WNC Health Network, designed so that we hear from people in attendance on what is going on in these areas. After the meetings we will publish the findings on our website.”

AMY Wellness Foundation is committed to bringing communities together to collectively create a plan for change and invites the public to ‘Become a Positive Force for Change!’.

Mitchell and Yancey Counties – 31 Cross Street, Banquet Hall, Spruce Pine, NC 28777 from 3pm-5pm

  • Food Insecurity – February 4th
  • Housing – February 11th
  • Mental Health – February 25th

Avery County – Chapman Center, Williams YMCA Avery County, 436 Hospital Dr, Linville, NC 28646 from 3pm-5pm

  • Food Insecurity – March 5th
  • Housing – March 12th
  • Mental Health – March 19th

More information and to RSVP

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