Regional Connectivity

Better Understanding

We believe the most effective way to create change is through collaboration. We strive to understand health inequities that affect our communities by redefining who community “experts” are. We learn from advocates, leaders, and those with lived experiences through strategic meetings that ultimately drive our efforts as an organization.

The Results Are In!

As community health advocates, we wanted to ensure we heard from our community, as they are the experts.
Together, through Regional Convening Meetings, we have developed a better understanding of what is happening in our area, where the gaps are and how we can collectively make the most impact, in the areas of Food Insecurity, Housing, and Mental Health. We want to thank everyone who participated in these important meetings and are thrilled to now share our findings.

Regional Convening Summary Report

Become a Positive Force for Change!

Regional Convening Meetings

We know we can’t make impactful changes alone. We need to hear from you, the experts. AMY will continue to host open discussions around Food Insecurity, Housing, and Mental Health.

Listening Sessions

Health is not stagnant. It changes and develops as our communities do. It is important to our organization that we are always listening and understanding what the most critical needs are. We are committed to hosting Listening Sessions throughout the year to ensure our funding process and the community needs are aligned.

Community Findings

With everything we do, we aim to create change with action. Through each strategic meeting we plan to build reports with our findings that ultimately shape the way our Foundation seeks partnerships. We want to build a healthy community by finding what is working well, where the gaps are and what partnerships will transform health and wellness for our region in the most sustainable, innovative and collaborative way.

The results are in! Click here to review community findings from each Regional Convening Meeting held in 2020.

What's Next?

Here is what we plan to do next:

Targeted Listening Sessions

Regional Convening Meetings 2.0

The emerging themes identified by participants will also guide us in orchestrating targeting listening sessions this summer.

By next year, we hope to host Regional Convening Meetings 2.0 where we can continue to work collectively to address these issues and dive deeper into our plan to impact lasting change.