AMY Wellness Foundation (AMYWF) has joined forces with WAMY Community Action’s Housing Coalition for the second consecutive year to address critical home repairs for low-income families, elderly individuals, and disabled residents in the AMY region. Among the beneficiaries of this collaboration is Sarah, a 60-year-old resident of the AMY region. Sarah relies on social security, is visually impaired and utilizes hearing aids. While working alongside the coalition, she fondly shares stories of her family’s upbringing in the very home she still resides in. When her parents passed away, they left the house to her, and with the support of her sisters, she strives to maintain her independence. Sarah’s sisters, along with their children and spouses, take turns staying with her, creating a close-knit but financially modest family.


Unfortunately, the roof of their cherished family home began to leak, and a portion of the living room ceiling started to collapse. They resorted to using tarps and replaced shingles whenever possible. Concerns started to arise that Sarah might be forced to move if the house became uninhabitable. Sarah had spent 60 years in that home, and adjusting to a new and unfamiliar environment would prove immensely challenging for her.


Thanks to the AMYWF home repair grant, the coalition was able to replace the worn-out shingle roof with a sturdy metal one and repair the damaged ceiling. During the repairs, additional hazards were discovered, such as the need for chimney cleaning to prevent potential fires and exposed “hot wires” in the attic. Prompt action was taken, and a chimney sweep and an electrician were called in to address these safety risks.


As a result of this invaluable partnership, Sarah can now continue to reside safely in her beloved family home, providing her sisters with peace of mind. Donna, one of Sarah’s sisters, expressed their gratitude by stating, “To us, this roof is worth $50,000.”


Since receiving the grant funding in the autumn of 2022, the coalition has successfully assisted 50 households, benefitting 91 senior citizens or disabled individuals. This vital work is made possible through the coalition’s collaboration with numerous local partners who generously volunteer not only materials but also their time and expertise. Such examples of communities coming together to support one another highlight the significant impact achieved by the coalition and its partners. AMYWF takes great pride in supporting this transformative work.

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