AMY Wellness Foundation Impact 2019-2020

Dear Friends,

It is with excitement and great humility to connect with you to share updates on the important work our Foundation and grant partners have been doing over the past year. In 2019, we were established with a mission to support our rural mountain community’s health and wellness. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to partnering with organizations that are making effective and meaningful changes in the lives of our neighbors, families, and friends.

Even though this year has been especially challenging, our communities came together to support one another in some of our most trying times. We are grateful for the dedicated work of our grantee partners. They are on the front lines of this pandemic making sure families are fed, children have access to the internet and there is mental health support. They are ensuring our neighbors and medical staff have vital personal protective equipment. Crucially, anyone needing domestic violence support has a place to turn to, and people are able to remain in their homes without fear of eviction.

Serving on the Board, I am able to see firsthand the impact, through collaboration and innovation, our partners are making not just in the face of a pandemic, but also in big picture needs like housing, food insecurity, and mental health. I cannot think of a better time than now to share with you, our community, the uplifting story of our work together. I am so proud to live in our region of Western North Carolina.

Randy Ellis, MD
Board Chair, AMY Wellness Foundation

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