Family Resilience

Mental Health  |  Housing  |  Food  | Education   Advocacy  

We believe the building blocks of a healthy community starts at home. Through supporting Family Resilience programs, we aim to strengthen overall family systems to emphasize positive outcomes and build resiliency for lasting impact.

Funding Categories

Mental Health Services

AMY is committed to removing stigmas and connecting silos that separate physical health and mental health. We seek to support programs that serve the whole person emotionally, socially, and physically.

  • Mental Health Counseling and Support Groups
  • Substance misuse / youth prevention
  • Substance misuse treatment / services
  • Mental Health Education
  • Mental Health Access and Care Services for all ages

Housing Services

We believe safe and affordable housing should not be a luxury but a human right. We want to transform housing in our counties by ensuring families and individuals have safe, affordable, and adequate housing opportunities.

  • Workforce Housing Opportunities
  • Neighborhood revitalization projects
  • Housing for elders – Aging in place services or assisted living opportunities
  • Critical Home Repair
  • Homelessness
  • Addressing housing stock and affordability

Food Services

Having access to healthy food lowers health risk factors including chronic disease and childhood obesity. AMY seeks to eliminate access to healthy food barriers in rural and low-income areas.

  • Feeding Families
  • Food Education
  • Healthy Food Access
  • Food for Elders

Advocacy Services

Providing aid to vulnerable and disadvantage individuals.

  • Judicial System Advocacy Services – Family and Domestic Violence, Child Welfare, Elder abuse, and Housing displacement
  • Family and individual education and prevention services
  • Health Services Advocacy – Navigating and connecting people to health services
  • Advocacy services for non-English speaking or English as a second language individuals


We believe education is the building block to a healthy and resilient community. We aim to support education opportunities in the following ways:

  • Pre-natal and Early Childhood Education
  • Workforce Education Opportunities
  • Afterschool care
  • Mentorship and prevention opportunities for youth
  • Trainings for Teachers and Staff working in education
  • Family Education Opportunities