Capacity Building

Operational Support  |  Community Trainings

We are committed to empowering organizations through Capacity Building. We hope to provide organizations with the tools they need to work at their highest capacity in the most sustainable way.

Funding Categories

Operational Support

AMY recognizes that in order to serve our communities in need organizations must have staff that feels supported financially to run programs, a structure to house programs and teams, and funding to support existing programs that are working well. AMY knows that operational funding can be a hard sell to individual donors and we never want that to be a barrier to success. We support organization’s Operations in the following ways:

Staff Support

  • Expansion of team members to accommodate new or existing programs related to a grant that is being funded by AMY Wellness Foundation
  • Supporting existing team members related to a grant being funded by AMYWF

Program Sustainability

  • Purchase of new or updated equipment related to a grant being funded by AMYWF
  • Transportation services or transportation reimbursement for volunteers related to a grant being funded by AMYWF